I believe strongly that the best teachers are also life-long students. It has been my great honor to learn from outstanding mentors and I try to offer my own students the same kind of generous guidance that I have had. I find joy in learning from my students as well as in teaching them – they inspire me and surprise me. I am energized by spirited discussions that spill out of the classroom, down the hallway, and into my office or a coffee shop. For me, learning is a lively, ongoing project where the lines between teacher and student get blurry and knowledge is created before your very eyes.

Signature Courses

Fiber Arts and Feminism: Fiber work has rich and varied histories, with specific gender norms and broader cultural values that govern weaving, knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, spinning, etc. Social tensions contribute to whether specific types of fiber work at specific historical moments are considered art, viewed as domestic drudgery, or considered empowering skills. In this course we will explore these tensions as we also develop one set of skills – knitting. No prior experience with knitting is required.

Titanic to Twilight: Girl-Powered Media Production / Consumption / Text: This original course was offered by the IU Gender Studies Department and took an in-depth examination of Girls Studies.

Celebrity Colonialism: Transnational Media and Social Activism: The IU Global Village Living-Learning Center selected this original course to be offered after a highly competitive proposal process. The course examined popular media, documentary films, news media, and cultural studies theories that construct and sustain celebrity colonialism.

Youth & Media: Students learn critical media theory and methods and conduct service learning that includes working with at-risk youth to develop media literacy skills. By engaging in experiential learning, the A493 students synthesize media theory, as well as write self-reflective reports on the cultural politics of their own media consumption habits as youth.

Salem College Communication Courses 

COMM 120: Oral Communication

COMM 223: Gender and Communication

COMM 224: Old Media/New Media

COMM 323: Research Methods

COMM 390: Senior Seminar


Other teaching experience

ACOM 455: Gender, Communication & Culture

ACOM 300: Media & Society

ACOM 352: Media & Culture

ACOM 332: Writing Across the Media

AFCI 101: Critical Inquiry

ACOM 352: History & Philosophy of Mass Media

ACOM 462: Political Rhetoric

Pedagogy Development

USCA Critical Inquiry Summer Institute (2012, 2013, 2014) – Participated in critical thinking pedagogy workshops, developed strategies for effectively teaching critical thinking, presented guidelines and advice for working with peer mentors while teaching.

Teaching Honors

Faculty iPad award – Provided by USCA to enhance multi-media teaching, summer 2012.

USCA Faculty-Staff Appreciation Celebration – Chosen by senior student athletes as an influential educator, 2012, 2013, and 2014.