Dr. Spring-Serenity Duvall (Indiana University, 2010) is a feminist media scholar who researches transnational celebrity culture, commodity activism, breastfeeding advocacy, and girl culture. She joined the faculty of Salem College in fall 2014 as an Assistant Professor of Communications. In 2015, she is the Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Transnational Studies at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, where she is conducting a research project titled “Canadian Celebrity Activism and Transnational Media in the Niagara Border Region” and teaching a course on Celebrity Colonialism.

Her research on celebrity culture is forthcoming in the journal Celebrity Studies and has been published in Communication, Culture, and Critique and Feminist Media Studies. Chapters also appear in the anthologies Circuits of Visibility: Gender and Transnational Media Cultures and Celebrity Colonialism: Fame, Representation, and Power in Colonial and Post-Colonial Cultures. Her most recent research in girls studies focuses on news framing of child abductions and has been published in the Journal of Children & Media.

She brings her research into the classroom with the original courses “Celebrity Colonialism: Transnational Media and Social Activism” and “Titanic to Twilight: Girl-Powered Media Production / Consumption / Text.” Duvall has served as an officer for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication since 2008 and was the 2013-2014 Chair of the AEJMC Commission on the Status of Women.


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